Refund Policy

Registration Cancellation

For Levels from U9 (Novice) to Junior

  • From the time of registration to August 31st – Full refund less a $50 operational fee.
  • From September 1st until October 1st, or until teams are created/drafted (whichever comes first) – Full refund less a $150 operation fee.
  • After October 1st or if teams have been created/drafted (whichever comes first), no refunds will be issued.

For Level U7 (Pre-Novice / mini-MAGH) 

  • Cases will be assessed on an individual basis, but members will have to pay an operation fee which will be a minimum of $50.

Pandemic/Extreme Unforeseen Circumstantial Exceptions

The association will follow the guidelines mandated by the Return to Play Phases Policy as published by Hockey Quebec and linked on our website.

No refunds will be issued in the case that Hockey Quebec changes (in either direction)  the current phase of  “Return to Play”.

If hockey is 100% canceled by Hockey Quebec (note that phase changes are not considered a cancellation), a prorated refund will be returned to members less a $150 operation fee.

The PMHA operation will assess refunds on an individual basis in the case that a doctor provides a note stating that the player can no longer participate.

If the situation is not regulated by Hockey Quebec or the Lac St-Louis region, the PMHA will regulate at a local level.




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